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Good Old Disney Girls Gone Bad! (10 Images)

1 Lindsay Lohan. Lohan came to the showbiz industry through the Disney Channel’s life size show. This parent trap lady worked her way through the industry and has been seen in many TV shows, movies, and commercials. But in 2007 she shocked the world by revealing that she was unable to manage her life due […]


Women Who Forgot The Camera Captures All (10 Images)

1 The great cover up Pretty sure this one was posted because the woman isn’t even holding the newspaper naturally. Though good work with the photography given that if the clear white lines were in the middle, it would have made for a much better deception. Not to mention the purple shirt of the woman. […]


Most Perfectly Timed Sports Moments Ever (10 Images)

1. Allison Stokke Pretty she is from her face till her toes, and to top it off she is a track and field athlete. Her athletic body is not only perfect for the field but also for the outside world and hence she has now also become a fashion model. A good many American high […]

birthmarks .jpeg

This Girl Has Birth Marks All Over Her Body And She Is Proud Of It (9 Images)

Ciera Swaringen is a 19-year-old girl, who lives in a small town Rockwell, in California. She is suffering from a rare disease called Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, because of which she has moles like birthmarks all over the body. Living with a health condition is difficult, especially when it’s obvious because the world around us is […]


People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why (10 Images)

1. Jessica Simpson: If you love Jessica Simpson’s wide smile and wonder what’s the secret behind her pearl white teeth, then you’ll be surprised to know that she does not brush her teeth very often. On Ellen DeGenres’ show, the actress very openly admitted that she only brushes her teeth twice or thrice a week, when […]


These Celebrities Have a Problem With Their Clothing (16 Images)

Starting with Lady Gaga’s hair which is dyed in various shades of blond, and actually look quite good. Her make up also looks pretty well done but … What was she thinking wearing that? What is “that”? The dress seems to be something made to stand out. Not literally. And there is a body suit […]


These Cameramen Captured More Than Expected (10 Images)

1. The View: Whenever it’s a windy day we bet many boys secretly wish that they get to see some skirts blowing, but God made this guy’s wish come true. The h0t chick is getting into a frikkin helicopter so we are guessing she might be some celebrity, and what can be better than getting […]


You Won’t Believe What Walmart Cameras Captured (10 Images)

Even if this were the 80’s this hairstyle would have been considered odd. It closely resembles an umbrella. How she got her stylist to give her that voluminous hair is a mystery. Though what’s more deserving of attention is her teeth and whether or not they’re real. The color combination of her hair is actually […]


Shower Habits You Need To Stop Doing Immediately (10 Images)

The shower is the best therapy to get relaxed. People takes a shower not only for cleaning purposes but also to get them refreshed. That sprinkling of water and dosage of body wash keeps you calm, relax, refresh in just five minutes but as everything has some negative effects so as there are some bad […]


Youngest Parents In The World (9 Images)

Parents are the most amazing blessing of Almighty. Every child loves to pamper by their parents, Parents plays the most important part in their child’s life. All the parents love and care their child the most in this world. Here I will be talking about the world’s youngest parents who got this responsibility at a […]