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20 Photos of the President’s Daughter – Ivanka Trump (20 Images)

You must have heard the phrase, “Like daughter like father” and that phrase goes in the case of Ivanka and Donald Trump because just like her dad, Ivanka loves experimenting with different things. So, apart from modeling and being a businesswoman, she also tried her luck with writing! In 2009, she published a book, The […]

Good Old Disney Girls Gone Bad! (10 Images)

1 Lindsay Lohan. Lohan came to the showbiz industry through the Disney Channel’s life size show. This parent trap lady worked her way through the industry and has been seen in many TV shows, movies, and commercials. But in 2007 she shocked the world by revealing that she was unable to manage her life due […]

People Call Them The Dirtiest Celebrities, Here’s Why (10 Images)

1. Jessica Simpson: If you love Jessica Simpson’s wide smile and wonder what’s the secret behind her pearl white teeth, then you’ll be surprised to know that she does not brush her teeth very often. On Ellen DeGenres’ show, the actress very openly admitted that she only brushes her teeth twice or thrice a week, when […]

These Celebrities Have a Problem With Their Clothing (16 Images)

Starting with Lady Gaga’s hair which is dyed in various shades of blond, and actually look quite good. Her make up also looks pretty well done but … What was she thinking wearing that? What is “that”? The dress seems to be something made to stand out. Not literally. And there is a body suit […]

Truly Weird Facts About Trump’s Kids (12 Images)

Donald Trump is an American businessman, politician and television personality who is all over in the limelight nowadays. Donald Trump has 5 children from his 3 marriages. Here we will talk about the weird facts about Trump’s kids. Some weird facts which are interesting to know about and which are not known to many of […]

Celebrities Who Hid Their Real Names From Us (9 Images)

One thing that’s never gone out of style in Hollywood: cultivating a unique persona with the help of a stage name. While some completely wipe the slate clean, others simply replace a first or last name KATY PERRY Born in a strict Pentecostal Christian family, Katy Perry grew up listening to Christian music. Both her […]

These Celebs Proved That Puberty Can Do Miracles (12 Images)

Don’t ever tell a person that he/she is ugly if they haven’t reached their maturity yet because you may regret and eat your words in the future. A person can change so much after they hit puberty, a change that you might not be able to recognize them sometimes. If you haven’t passed puberty yet […]