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14 Times You Needed Help But Only Had A Camera (13 Images)

I wonder why people post even the worst things happen to them on the internet, why should they capture the moment rather than fixing the problem.Sometimes I think that they are so much social media addict that they just post everything on the internet to keep the people updated on their happenings, at the same […]

Struggles That Only Short Heighted Girls Will Understand (15 Images)

They say being a tall girl is hard and being a short guy is a real struggle, but let me tell you right now: Being a petite female is no stroll through the park. You can only understand the problems IF you are one! And for the record, only they can call themselves short, if you […]

This Chinese Detergent Ad Is A Truly Dirty Glorification Of Racism (10 Images)

This Chinese Detergent Ad Is A Truly Dirty Glorification Of Racism, the ad is promoting racism rather than giving a positive message.First of all, an ad cannot be seen such that it promotes acts of racism or extremism. An ad should provide a good positive strong message to its viewers.This Chinese Detergent Ad is conveying […]

10 Hilarious Moments You Can Only Encounter While Camping (10 Images)

Every nature lover person goes on camping to enjoy the beauty of nature. People prefer camping because they got tired of the hustle bustle life of the cities and wanted to stay in peace for some time so they choose to go on camping. Camping is the hell of fun when you not only get […]

10 Ridiculous Teen Trends Parents Should Know About (10 Images)

The latest trends are being followed by all the teenagers at the present time. These trends sometimes become a threat for yourself.These trends are a great damage in many terms but the kids don’t think about right or wrong, what they just know is to follow the latest trends. Being parents, you should try to […]

Then Vs Now Instances That Will Make You Dislike the Present (9 Images)

We are living in 21st Century where everything is getting modernized day by day. The life we used to live years ago is completely different as compared to the one which we are living it now. From your basic day to day activities to any big decision in life everything is changed now. We are […]