She’s Taking A Selfie, But Suddenly Something Pops Out From Underneath The Door… HOLY! (6 Images)


A Surprise is waiting for her


Yes you got it right she was taking a selfie and suddenly something happens, now obviously your question will be what happened?
It was quite weird to tell you but yes it’s someone’s head which is popping out underneath the door in the picture. Someone’s head like seriously? This will be the question rise in your minds
So answering to your question yes it is a person’s head but the real question which should rise would be who is that person or whose head is this?
That’s her mother’s head yes you heard it right that’s her mother who is too much frustrated with her daughter’s selfies and her social media addiction, so she decided to settle this problem once and for all and guess what she started a new trend in the society which is known as PHOTOMOMBING.


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